Part Four: Tight Shorts

Everything comes to this. Dracula meets his foe. Griffin has his moment to (invisibly) shine. The bear finally gets to eat. For more info and transcripts please visit BaldwinAudio.Works/ParkingLot To purchase It Came From the Parking Lot and support future productions from Baldwin Audio Works, please visit TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE HERE Starring, in order of appearance: JoshContinue reading “Part Four: Tight Shorts”

Part Three: Bearly There

The gang has to get ahead by recovering a head, then whip up an suitably monstrous conction to usurp the unfortunate ursine presence outside. Dracula struggles with ennui, the catering remains excellent, and Adam gets an update on which monster is the sex icon du jour. Starring, in order of appearance: Danyelle Ellett as Beatrice SebastrianContinue reading “Part Three: Bearly There”