Part Two: Mummyball

A Spotify Embed of the episode, the a link to which can be found here.

Together the monstrous crew must figure out a way to deal with the whole, y’know, bear in the parking lot situation. A werewolf, a witch, the Invisible Man, and Dracula himself should be able to figure this out out, right?



Starring, in order of appearance:

Sebastian Crane as George
Josh Rubino as Dracula
Danyelle Ellet as Beatrice
Cole Burkhardt as Charlotte
Anne Baird as The Jersey Devil
Dallas Wheatley as Griffin
Ty Coker as Adam

Music Credits:

The Friendly Monstershop by The Zombie Dandies on their album Dandy’s Little Monsters is licensed under a Attribution License.

SFX Credits:

Dumpster kicking by Sunnysidesound originally uploaded to is used under an Attribution License.

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